Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday Market

I went to the local Saturday Market and bought some wonderful fruits and vegetables a couple of days ago. The weather was gorgeous and I was there with my Mom, my niece Erynn, and my great niece Ellie who is about 16 months and was quite the little charmer with all the vendors!

I also found a marvelous artist who makes jewelry from old beads and found objects. Her company name is "Autumn Rose" which I think is such a delightful name and perfect for her work. She says she will even create one of a kind pieces for people using their own heirloom objects! I bought the necklace shown below and am thrilled to have it.


  1. Oh I like that necklace! Is that an early Christmas present for me?

  2. I've been watching and waiting for you to get started on this blog. I love your necklace. I'll look for Autumn Rose the next time I'm at Saturday Market. I look forward to finding more postings.